Thursday, December 11, 2014

Moroccanoil Special Edition Extra Volume Duo Set Review

Hi dolls.
Long time no see :), sorry for that.
This past 10 days have been hectic, since I had to organize a trip to Germany and Netherlands in just a few days. As I am writing this we are just back from the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be exact, and have a few more days to spend in Germany. I haven't had that much time to post here on the blog since I wanted to spend all my time enjoying the trip, and not to miss anything. But hey this means that I have a ton of new material to show you in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Today I'm posting different kind of post than usual, but since I got requests to show you my hair care routine I decided to do one, lets name it beauty post. My hair and body care routine is also part of my fashion routine, since good skin and healthy hair are one of the best compliments to a great outfit.

So lets get to it already.
 I have been heard a great deal about the Moroccanoil products, from other bloggers, vlogers you name it, and where there is smoke there is fire. I got the opportunity thanks to Hairtrade and etailpr to try this products and lets just say I'm completely in love with this duo.
I always wanted to try their most known product, the hair oil, but since my hair tends to get greasy I do not use extra oils for it. Instead I tried the Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, since my hair was staring to get real long, and was in need for a volume booster. As you can see from the picture below, I got from this product exactly what I expected, volume, volume, volume. And not only that but my hair was so shiny and detangled. It was almost amazing, since for my hair type shiny and volume do not go well together. Well that chapter is done now. 
I must also mention the price/quality relation. This product is a bit on the high end, but totally worth it every penny. Also this set you can now get for the price of one product. Regularly you get for the same price only 250ml Shampoo and 250ml Conditioner, and with this set you have total of 1L(1liter or 34oz) of product, now that is a total deal.

And as the cherry on the top, I left the thing that got me to not ever stop using this product, the scent. I must say OMG it smells like heaven. It smells like my favorite perfume Miracle by Lancome. I don't know what ingredient or combination of them is making this scent but I couldn't believe my senses when I first smelt my hair. And yes the scent stays until the next washing, not just for few hours.

So if you have fine hair like mine or you just want some extra volume, shine and heavenly scent to your hair you can find the product here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Big chunky knit scarf

With every post I publish I try to tell you some fashion tip you can also use in your daily styling.
This time it is the use of trench coats in winter weather. I know, I  know, winter is not here yet, but the winter weather sure is. Also I always want to be prepared in advance, so If you are like me you will love getting some tips in advance for the season to come.
So the topic was how to get use of your trench coat in winter, well today's tip is to style it with the chunkiest wormiest scarf you own, and the weather can't do anything to you. 
Weather 0, fashionistas 1. I love winning :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wear your summer dresses in winter

So you woke up this morning and as any girl in the world stated that you have nothing to wear. 
No time to panic girl, there is always a solution.
When the inspiration for all the combos you can make out of your winter wardrobe items dries, get out of your comfort zone and check out the summer clothing stack and find a piece that you can layer in to a winter outfit.
I usually do this thing with my long(or half long) sleeved summer dresses. 
So how to start with the layering? 
First put on some tights, slim or thick depending on the weather conditions.
Second, over the knee boots are a must, so you can stay as warm as possible but still show some skin.
Third, layers layers layers, weather it is a just a coat and a scarf, or some sweater over the dress, there is no limit to this part, use your imagination and do the best you can.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Oasap cape giveaway

Here we are with another cool giveaway from the Oasap store.
This time is the latest cape trend, and one of my readers can win a cape of a choice from the two choices given below.

The giveaway is open Internationally and will last for 8 days.
Enter in the Rafflecopter below in order to be eligible to win.